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Figurative Language


To practice your Figurative Language skills, you may play one of these games:

Fling the Teacher

Spellingcity Figurative Language

Do You Know Your Metaphors?

Figurative Language Baseball

Simile and Metaphor Jeopardy

Simile, Metaphor and Personification Jeopardy

Idioms Game

Paint by Idioms

An A-Z Listing of Idioms!  See how many YOU know!

Idioms Game-Slang


Figurative Language Jeopardy Review



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If you have visited the Alcoa Eagle cam recently, you will see that it is not operating.  I guess the camera was hit by lightning and will not repaired until after this nesting season.  Since I have become addicted to watching these birds nesting, I found another camera in Minnesota.  There are two eaglets in the nest and they just hatched THIS WEEK!  If you are interested in watching, check out Minnesota Bound-Live Bald Eagle Cam.

Bald Eagle / Pygargue à tête blanche
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eric Bégin via Compfight

The bald eagle is a beautiful bird and is the national bird for the United States of America.  If you have never seen an eagle before (they are native to North America), then I suggest that you check out this website, Alcoa Eaglecam.  You will find a live video stream of an eagle’s nest in Iowa.  What’s so interesting?  There currently are two eaglets in the nest.   You will see that this amazing, beautiful bird doesn’t start out being so beautiful!

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Today we will be learning about analogies.  We will learn a definition of analogy, discuss the different types of analogies, and see some examples of analogies.  We will be using  You will need to go to this site to complete your class activity today.


Image from:   You can check out this web site for additional practice on completing analogies.

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Student Spotlight Post


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Zanthia via Compfight

Ok, I just HAVE to spotlight Caleb’s post on the 1965 Mustang.  I was surprised to read a post like this written by a 7th grader.  Most young teenagers tend to like the more modern, sleek sports cars.  Caleb, on the other hand, can appreciate a classic muscle car!  :) Yes, the ’65 Mustang happens to be one of my favorite cars.  I’ll take one in baby blue if anyone can make that happen!

Check out Caleb’s blog Lintons Link to read about this sweet car!

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Student Spotlight Post


Are you looking for a good book to read?  If so, you should check out Kyra’s post on Matched.  I have not read this book, but her post certainly has me interested in this book.

Go to Kyra’s blog to check it out!

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Up for the Challenge!


Although all of my students have their own blog, there are a few students who are up for the Student Blogging Challenge hosted by Edublogs.  These students have shown a desire to improve their blogging skills and put in some extra effort on their blogs beyond what is required in my classroom.  Their blogs are listed on the Student Blogs 2013.  Please feel free to check out their blogs and leave them a comment! Students participating from McDowell Exchange School are:


Emily A.






Caleb W



Emily R.

Caleb L.

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Student Spotlight Post on an American Tradition


This Student Spotlight goes to Caleb who chose to write a post about a popular American tradition. Have a comment about the Super Bowl?  Stop by Caleb’s blog and comment!

The Super Bowl

Posted by caleble6 in Uncategorized - Edit this post Edit

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the  NFL, the highest level of professional American Football in the United States. The game was created as part of a merger agreement between the NFL and its then-rival league, the American Football League (AFL). It was agreed that the two leagues’ champion teams would play in anAFL–NFL World Championship Game until the merger was to officially begin in 1970. This years super bowl match-up is against the San Fransisco 49er’s and the Baltimore Ravens. The game was a close one with the Ravens winning 34-31. Both teams put out all of their effort to win but only one could. During the game the power even went out and put the game on hold. The half-time show was really good with Beyonce and her group Destiny’s Child. It was an amazing game and I can’t wait to see who the next teams are to face off in the Super bowl.

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Student Spotlight Post


I am going to start a “Student Spotlight Post” where I will be sharing a post written by one of my students on their blog. The first Student Spotlight Post goes to Josie….

from Josie’s Journal by josiele4
Today I am going to talk about Manatees. These are large,adorable creatures that are endangered that means there are not many of them left. The reason I want to talk about manatees is because I finished reading one of my favorite books from this series Vet Volunteer by Laurie Halse Anderson and at the back of he book is this article written by Dr. J.J Mackenzie (character), I saw this heading talking about what I can do to help! This blog address was at the bottom of the article , I went to the website and there were pictures of manatees everywhere. This one post really caught my eye, it said adopt a manatee and I thought in the back of my mind ” this is so cool”. So I checked the post and you can really adopt a manatee I mean you won’t take home with you, it will stay where you adopted it from but you will get an adoption certificate, picture of your manatee,and information about manatees! So I asked my mom if we could adopt one but she said maybe so I wrote a letter to Save the manatee Club for more information about adopting a manatee and checked there website out more and turns out you can pick the one you want to adopt you just click on it’s picture and it tells you some information about that mammal, then you go to the adopt a manatee post and pick the name of the manatee that you wanted to adopt! Isn’t that cool. I can’t wait for the Save the manatee club to respond to my letter to see if my mom and dad will let me adopted one!

Manatees are Florida’s most endangered coastal marine mammals we’re losing 10% of the population every year! Researcher think there are only 3,000 of them left. For us to help them we have to understand them but manatees are very large mammals so it is hard for us to study them so we observe them because manatees are endangered we cannot capture them for the sole purpose of studying them. Researchers observer them most while they a rehabilitating from injuries mostly caused by boat propellers. Researchers also study them in the wild.

Manatees also die from natural causes just like anything else,but a large number of manatee died from red tide. A few years ago several hundred manatees died from an algae bloom called red tide. Red tide poisoned there nervous system. Researchers and volunteers work hard to help manatees but we (humans) are still the manatee biggest threat. Warm waters that shelter manatees from cold winter also attract people who build house near water and motor-boaters. Boat strike cause many manatee injuries and deaths, much work is being done to educate these boaters and house owner of the danger the pose to these adorable creatures. But there is still a long way to go!

What you can do to help: Join the save the manatee club, educate people about manatees, drive the boat speed in manatee areas,but mostly check out there website for more!

Image from:

If you’d like to comment on Josie’s post or read more of her posts, hop on over to her blog, Josie’s Journal.

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Our Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

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Welcome to my blog!  I teach 7th grade Language Arts at McDowell Exchange School in the Logan Elm School district. I previously taught 5th grade at Laurelville Elementary (in the same district)-math for the last three years and language arts prior to that.

My hope is that this blog serves as a sort of newsletter for our class, keeping parents and students informed of class news and assignments for our Language Arts Class.  I also intend for it to be a place where students can share their writing and their thoughts on books that they are reading.

In March 2009, my blog was showcased by Sue Walters on The Edublogger site.  As a result, this blog has had visitors from all around the world.  It has been so exciting to see new dots appear on my clustr map! (see the clustr map below as of 9/24/09)  Thanks again, Sue!

Thanks for checking in. I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment and please visit again!

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