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Thank a Million Teachers


thank a teacherThink back to all of the teachers that you have had in your education.  Has there been one special teacher who you remember with fond memories?  A teacher who made you feel special?  A teacher who made a difference in your life?

This is Teacher Appreciation Week and you can take a moment NOW to say “Thank You” to that teacher.  Farmers Insurance is on a mission to “Thank a Million Teachers”.  You can click on this LINK and give some recognition to that teacher or teachers.  It’s VERY EASY!!

Go ahead. Do it.  It will make their day!

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Penny War for JDRF


jdrfThe McDowell Student Council is holding a “Penny Wars” between the 7th and 8th grades as a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Please show your support for JDRF and help your class win the Penny War and bring your change!  Pennies count as a POSITIVE, so you want to put those in the 7th grade jar.  Silver coins count as negative points, so put those in the 8th grade jar!  

For more information about JDRF, please watch this video.

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A Challenge for You!


smileEvery single day, there are people who could use something to smile about.  YOU could be that something for someone today. As you go about your day today, NOTICE people around you!  Does someone look a little down in the dumps?  A little sad?  Worried?  Nervous?  Hurt?  YOU can make a difference for that person today!

I challenge you today to do or say something that will put a smile on someone’s face. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture.  Often a smile given to that person can do the trick. :)

What ideas do you have on how to be the reason someone smiles today?  Please comment and share!

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Aren’t you glad your mother is not an eagle?


baby eaglesI just checked on the Eagle cam that I mentioned in my blog last year and there are eaglets in the nest. It’s pretty interesting to watch the parents fly in with fresh food and feed their young!  I watched the eaglets eat a fresh rodent this morning.  YUK! I think it was a rat, but it was hard to tell since they had already started picking it apart. If you would like to watch bald eagles in the wild, check it out!

Image from

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Another day of testing…..


quiet pleaseDay Two of testing for our students.

Today the students are working on the Ohio Grade 7 Mathematics Achievement Assessment.  So as I sit and type this, the students in my room have their calculators and pencils in hand, mints or gum in their mouths, and appear to be solving math problems that should indicate how well then can do in mathematics.

I hate days like this.  It makes for a long 2 1/2 hours when my classroom is quiet and I cannot interact with my students.  Although I have been kidding with them a lot lately about “evil teenagers”, they are pretty interesting kids and they do make my days interesting!  ;)

Now, to just get through this morning…

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It’s been a while….


im backWow, I guess it has really been a long time since I have posted anything on this blog.  My last post date was August 21, 2013.  That was the start of our new school year and I wasn’t sure exactly what my focus for the blog was going to be for the new year.  The first week of school went by very quickly. That first week is always a blur as I get to know my new students and begin to establish routines and expectations.  The second week of school started as usual for me until I received a phone call from my mother shortly after I arrived at school on Monday.  That phone call changed everything for me.  My father passed away that day and that week was a blur for me.

I missed a week of school and my students were left in the hands of substitute teachers under the guidance and direction of Mrs. Griffey and Mrs. Borland.  I will be forever grateful for their help with my students during that time and their love and support.  Returning to school was difficult for me, to say the least, but my students and coworkers made it better.  I feel very blessed to work with so many caring people and I appreciated the compassion shown to me by my students and their parents.

After returning to school, I didn’t give too much thought to my blog.  It was put in the back of my mind as I dealt with other issues.  Then, the school year became unusual in another aspect since we had an extremely harsh-and long-winter.  Seventeen snow days for Logan Elm Schools and numerous two-hour delays.  Needless to say, it was difficult to get into a rhythm and I never did find my “focus” for my blog.

Now, here we are with just 22 days of school left in this school year, and I have the urge to post on my blog.  As my dad would have said, though, “It’s better late than never.”  :)

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Please come back!



website_under_construction (1)

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Figurative Language


To practice your Figurative Language skills, you may play one of these games:

Fling the Teacher

Spellingcity Figurative Language

Do You Know Your Metaphors?

Figurative Language Baseball

Simile and Metaphor Jeopardy

Simile, Metaphor and Personification Jeopardy

Idioms Game

Paint by Idioms

An A-Z Listing of Idioms!  See how many YOU know!

Idioms Game-Slang


Figurative Language Jeopardy Review



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If you have visited the Alcoa Eagle cam recently, you will see that it is not operating.  I guess the camera was hit by lightning and will not repaired until after this nesting season.  Since I have become addicted to watching these birds nesting, I found another camera in Minnesota.  There are two eaglets in the nest and they just hatched THIS WEEK!  If you are interested in watching, check out Minnesota Bound-Live Bald Eagle Cam.

Bald Eagle / Pygargue à tête blanche
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eric Bégin via Compfight

The bald eagle is a beautiful bird and is the national bird for the United States of America.  If you have never seen an eagle before (they are native to North America), then I suggest that you check out this website, Alcoa Eaglecam.  You will find a live video stream of an eagle’s nest in Iowa.  What’s so interesting?  There currently are two eaglets in the nest.   You will see that this amazing, beautiful bird doesn’t start out being so beautiful!

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Today we will be learning about analogies.  We will learn a definition of analogy, discuss the different types of analogies, and see some examples of analogies.  We will be using  You will need to go to this site to complete your class activity today.


Image from:   You can check out this web site for additional practice on completing analogies.

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Welcome to my blog!  I teach 7th grade Language Arts at McDowell Exchange School in the Logan Elm School district. I previously taught 5th grade at Laurelville Elementary (in the same district)-math for the last three years and language arts prior to that.

My hope is that this blog serves as a sort of newsletter for our class, keeping parents and students informed of class news and assignments for our Language Arts Class.  I also intend for it to be a place where students can share their writing and their thoughts on books that they are reading.

In March 2009, my blog was showcased by Sue Walters on The Edublogger site.  As a result, this blog has had visitors from all around the world.  It has been so exciting to see new dots appear on my clustr map! (see the clustr map below as of 9/24/09)  Thanks again, Sue!

Thanks for checking in. I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment and please visit again!

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