Thanks to all the parents who filled out addresses in those booklets that were sent home.  I know it took some time to complete, but please know that it was well worth it.  Remember, for each booklet that is returned, our school gets $2.25.  Our goal is to raise some more $ for some new technology at Laurelville.  Every booklet that has been returned has helped, so thanks again!

Thanks, also, to Destiny’s C’s grandma.  Destiny let me know that her grandma has been checking out the blog.  I was glad to hear that.  Please continue to check in and leave a comment!

I can’t forget to thank Ashleigh Martin, either.  Ashleigh, the Dove dark chocolate was delicious, and it gave me the idea for the Daily Math Review question that we worked on today!  I appreciate that you were thinking of me!

The wood bowl that Alden Wyckoff made is beautiful.  I’m showing it off on my desk.  Alden, I think you have a future in woodworking (I wonder were you get that from? 😉 )  Thanks.

While I’m thanking everyone, thanks to Lisa Deluse and Susan Young, our volunteers who bravely face the copier each Thursday.  I am so grateful for the time that you save me and the hassle of fighting with the copier!

Happy birthday to Branden McNichols! 


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  1. The booklets were a really cool idea to earn money for our school. We should do that every year.

  2. I agree with Hannah Hopkins. The books were a real easy way for us to earn money for new stuff, like new playground equipment, or new computers, LCD’s or doc cameras.

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