March 9

Final Numbers

World Maths Day 2009 is over.  I am still amazed at how excited the students were over this event (me, too)!  I am already thinking of ways that Laurelville can improve for next year and get in the top 50 next year and stay there!
Clapping Hands
Here is a final list of how the students finished (practice and challenge questions combined):

150+ Club:  Nick Hovatter, Hadley Pritchard, Erica Hart, Destiny Pauley, Alden Wyckoff

600+ Club:  Marissa Hagerty, Clint Ashmore, Kaylee McNichols

1000+ Club:  Josh Johnson, Kaitlyn Cain, Cody Knapp, Karly Hart, Andrew Sowers, Cody Lester, Savannah Martens, Kennedy Fox, Makayla Kitchen, Madison Haupt, Alysha Parker, Jimmy Campbell

2000+ Club:  Cassie Parker, Kate Ricketts, Joey Poling, Destiny Collinsworth, Brandon Cradlebaugh,  Noah Bennington, Micah Linton, Eric Deluse, Nash Crosby, Katie Hartley, Garrett Rosenberger, Cierra Drummond, Hannah Hartzler

3000+ Club:  Darren Schwalbauch, Shawn Winland, Shaylee Payne, Kevin Senters, Tyler Bristol, Kaytlyn Banks, Heather Rutter, Branden McNichols, Kesley Hedges, Nathan Neiberline, Jacob Parker, Kasi Robinson, Bethany Kerens, Bethanie Evans

4000+ Club:  Hannah Hopkins, Dalton Phillips, Ashleigh Martin, Justin Payne

5000+ Club:  Ian Lear

7000+ Club:  Justin Glasspoole, Hannah Caudill

12000+ Club:  Jacob Allison

Well done, everyone!  You have earned your Pizza Party!                      Eating Pizza   



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2 thoughts on “Final Numbers

  1. Hannah Hopkins

    It is GREAT that we get to have a pizza party. I guess hard work really pays off and also we get to go to Guffey’s farm so today is a awesome day!

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