March 11

Fractions Can’t Compete

I have discovered that fractions just can’t compete with World Maths Day.  Now that we’ve moved back into a regular math routine again (and adding and subtracting fractions) it’s obvious that fractions just aren’t nearly as exciting to learn (OR to teach)!  I’m glad I have such great students, though. 😉  They are working hard and are beginning to get the hang of finding the LCD, equivalent fractions, and reducing fractions.  What can I say?  Not everything in life is fun, right? Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do.

The students took their 12′ test yesterday.  I am proud to say that there are many students who have mastered all of their facts:  Hannah Caudill, Justin Glasspoole, Jacob Allison, Brandon Cradlebaugh, Hannah Hopkins, Ian Lear, Kaytlynn Banks, Nash Crosby, Eric Deluse, Cierra Drummond, Kaylee McNichols, Justin Payne, Kasi Robinson, and  Heather Rutter.  Congratulations to those students.  As we have been working with fractions, I think students have begun to see how it makes math easier if you know those facts!



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