August 27


The fifth graders are beginning to get  into the groove of things already!  Today in Math class we set up our math binders and notebooks.  I also explained my expectations for math class.  One thing that I emphasize all year is working together to help each other out.  I will be telling students all year long to “use your resources”.  In our class, one of those resources may be a classmate.  To introduce students to the concept of teamwork, they were given a challenge today.  Each class had to arrange themselves in order of their birthdays-WITHOUT TALKING!  To encourage them, I timed them and the class with the lowest time earned an extra recess.  Congratulations to Mrs. Cartee’s homeroom. They completed the activity in 10 minutes, 23 seconds.  Good job!  They worked well as a team and will get an extra recess tomorrow!


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