September 2

Into the Groove!

Well, we have been back to school for a week now and the fifth graders are really getting into the groove of things on the top floor!  We have continued working on routines and expectations and this week we have been working on our math class routine.

On Monday, fifth grade students registered for an account on tutpup.  On this web site, they can practice basic math skills by competing with other students in a timed game.  Sometimes that student may be in our classroom, but often it is a student in another country!  They have been very excited about this challenge.  We will be practicing our speed in order to prepare for the World Math Day Challenge!

We also began our unit on Geometry this week.  Our focus this week is on Geometry indicators #2 and #3 (please see my  Math W.A.G. page for details).  We have been working in our Coach books, taking notes, doing some classwork assignments and have worked on the first Study Island assignment for math.

Fifth graders REALLY got into the groove today when we sang and danced in math class!  I was very impressed with all three classes as they learned a song to help them remember the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines! Great job!



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  1. Hannah Hopkins

    Hi, Mrs. Caudill! I decided that since I was getting the hang of 6th grade, I would stop by to see how the 5th grade was doing! It look’s like you guys have the hang of it too! I have heard you singing the “parallel and perpendicular” song in your room. That song has helped me out a lot already so memorize it 5th graders! By the way your blog looks GREAT! Thank you so much for being a great teacher last year! You 5th graders are lucky, those teachers are great teachers! Have fun!

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