We started working on the measurement strand this week.  We have practiced using a protractor to measure and draw angles and we have also started working on perimeter and area.  We have been playing many games on the computer to practice these skills and we have been using IXL almost daily.  (Thank you, PTO, for purchasing a classroom license so that we have access all year! 🙂 ) 

The most difficult skill we have worked on this week is finding area.  To find area, you must multiply.  This is a skill that many students still need to master.  We DON’T spend a lot of time practicing this skill in the fifth grade-students are expected to already know how to do this.  Please practice multiplying at home! 


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  1. IXL has helped me improve on surface area a lot because it shows you how to do it if you get it wrong in a different type of way that I under stand.

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