Recycling at Laurelville

recycled>Great news for Laurelville Elementary and our community:  Our school now has 2 paper recycling bins in our parking lot between the office and the library.  These green and yellow PaperRetriever bins will accept ANY paper products to be recycled-magazines, newspapers, school papers, junk mail, etc.  The only thing they DO NOT accept is cardboard. 

If you were looking for a way to be more “green”, then this is your opportunity.  Save that junk mail and those newspapers and bring them to Laurelville to put in our recycling bins!  You will be helping our school and our environment! 🙂


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  1. Seth you’re right Laurelville needs good recycling. Also it would be nice if all the people of laurelville pitch in to make Laurelville a better place. I think we can do it and if we can here in laurelville all you people somewhere in this world can to!!
    We all can make a difference!!!

  2. Ashlee,
    You are so right! We all need to pitch in and do our part. We each CAN make a difference!

  3. Recycle,stop global warming!We need it.So does the world.If you recycle you are saving the world and everything in it.So do your part,recycle,be a hero!

  4. I hope recycling can save every plant and tree this year only I hope recycling makes a BIG BIG BIG difference

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