New World Record Set!

Congratulations to all of my fifth grade students.  Your efforts during the World Maths Day event helped to break last year’s record!  The new record set was 479,732,613 correct answers in a 48 hour time period!  You competed with 1,133,246 students in 235 countries around the world to help break last year’s record!  Laurelville fifth graders correctly answered a total of 34,955 questions during the event.  WAY TO GO! 8)

The top 10 students from Laurelville were:
1.  Tyler Hart
2.  Sara Arnett
3.  Mark Stevens
4.  Jessica Willard
5.  Seth Vandagriff
6.  Rhianna Lucas
7.  Jared Bowe
8.  Ridge Young
9.  Sierra Wolfe
10.  Cade Vanfossan

16 Replies to “New World Record Set!”

  1. great job tyler,sara,mark,jessica,seth,rhianna,jared,ridge,sierra,and cade!!!!!

  2. That was fun and good job guys. I wish that, we could be able to be in the, top 50 schools.

  3. Dear Fifth graders,

    I can’t believe you set a record. I wish my school could do that! It must have been hard work. Were you guys tired after all that work? Well respond back to me if you were. Nice job!


  4. The students did work very hard that day but they had fun while they were competing!

  5. Dear Mrs.Caudill,
    Were your students most excited before or after or during the competition? I wish my school could be able to beat that record! (but I don’t know if we could.)

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