What will YOU give?

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Well, two weeks from today is the 5th Grade Ohio Achievement Test for Math.  It is hard  to believe that the test is just around the corner.  This week we will be finishing our strand on Patterns, Functions and Algebra and next week will be spent on reviewing EVERYTHING that we have worked on all year….Whew!  That’s a  lot! 

I talked with fifth graders today about giving me 110% of your effort over the next two weeks.  I know that this may be difficult due to the beautiful weather we have been having and spring sports beginning.  But now, more than ever, we need to work hard and do our very best.

As your teacher, I will be working hard to make sure that you are prepared for the test you will take.  I will be preparing lessons, making copies, checking papers, and answering your questions in order to review all that we have covered this year.  In other words, I will be giving 110% of my efforts to help you do your best on the test! 

Can I expect the same effort out of YOU?


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  1. Somethings I will do to get 110 percent on the Ohio Achievement Assessment Test is read question’s first, an read over text. Also I will underline important things in text. Most likely unlike most people I won’t be taking a mental brake because I’m a slow worker but I get go grades and I want to get the test done, but still do good and pass on it.

  2. I know that I will give a 110% on THE TEST this week I might even give a 130% on THE TEST. I want our school to EXALLENCE when we come back from our summer break

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