March 6


Welcome to our class blog!  If you are here from the Student Blogging Challenge, we hope that you stick around for a while and make yourself at home!  Check out our posts and our student blogs to get to know a little bit about us.   Each student also has their own individual blog where they write about books they are reading or other things that interest them. You will find their blogs listed on the side blogroll.

We would also love to know a little about you, so PLEASE take a moment and comment.    Feel free to tell us where you are from, what your school is like, some of your favorite activities, or anything else that you would like to share with us.

We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. samk3le

    Hi guys it’s me Sam. My school is not much different from McDowell. Although at my school in WV we have a swimming pool and swimming class. My school here in WV is a lot smaller than McDowell I have only 95 kids in my grade. I miss you guys a lot. Best wishes to you all.

  2. Mrs. Caudill (Post author)

    Hi, Sam!
    Thanks for stopping by on the blog and giving us an update! I was thinking of you when one of my favorite teams, Gonzaga, played WVU in the NCAA basketball tournament. I figured you would be rooting for WV!

    It was good to hear from you. Please keep checking in! 🙂

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