March 3

Help Make a Difference for Our School!

PHOTO-153547-74721360PWould you like to help make a difference for our school?  Would you like to help the students at McDowell Exchange School have access to 30 Kindles?  Would you just like to know that you have done a good deed for the day?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then PLEASE vote for McDowell Kindles in the NBC 4 Make A Difference grant contest.  All you will need to do is register using an email address, confirm that registration, and then vote for McDowell!  And remember, you can vote EVERY DAY!  We would appreciate votes from ALL around the WORLD!

Here is a detailed description of McDowell’s proposal:

Program Description: As the 21st century progresses with increased technology usage, the McDowell Middle School staff and students are committed to implementing various technology tools to support and enhance growth in education. Our current technology integration includes document cameras, interactive whiteboards, netbooks, Chromebooks, and several educational-based software programs. In furthering our goal of pursuing technology implementation, McDowell Middle School is submitting a nomination to the “Make a Difference” school grant. Our entry for the “Connect” category requests funding for a 30 piece Kindle lab. The Kindle lab would consist of 30 paperwhite Kindles, protective cases, charging cart, and remaining funds would be allotted for Amazon gift cards to purchase Kindle ebooks.
Impact Of Grant: With the funds from “Make a Difference” grant, McDowell Middle School would be afforded limitless possibilities in utilizing Kindles in the library and classrooms. These grant dollars would allow our student to access numerous ebooks that are offered at a lower cost than physical books. With limited funding for our library, lower priced ebooks added to our collection via Kindles would offer students a greater selection to satisfy their reading needs. Several Kindle features will benefit our students, but especially those students with special needs. With 19.5% of our students qualifying for special education services, taking advantage of changing font size for individual preferences, accessing built-in dictionary, and utilizing text to speech features will prove very invaluable to these students. A set of Kindles presents our student population with digital experience that will aid us in reaching one of our district goals-“The vision of Logan Elm Schools is to be a leader in providing a superior education and the necessary technology skills that improve the quality of life for the school community.” Because 48.7% of our students are economically disadvantaged, providing reading materials on Kindles gives our students the opportunity to further pursue familiarity with 21st century technology and aid our our fulfillment of the Logan Elm District technology vision.

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