October 11

Meet our Blogging Challenge Participants!

Greetings from Ohio! Once again, I have entered my class blog in the Student Blogging Challenge. I am excited to connect with other classrooms from around the world. This year, my Advanced Language Arts students are also participating in the Challenge with their Google Sites. We created a Padlet wall to introduce those students to the world. You can find a link to their Google Site in the Blogroll. We invite you to visit and drop a comment!

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6 thoughts on “Meet our Blogging Challenge Participants!

  1. Hannah

    Hi Caudill,
    I am Hannah and I am also doing the challenge with my class.
    Great blog post. Good to hear you have added some of your art friends to join.

  2. Martha Rombach

    Hi Ms. Caudill-

    I’m very impressed that you embedded a Padlet to show your students’ avatars. You’ve inspired me to try something similar with my students–for a future challenge, of course. What grade level are your students? I teach 8th grade English and Communications. It’s my Communications students who have blogs and are participating in the challenge. I hope to have some of my English classes blogging next quarter.

    Thanks for sharing. I loved all of the unique avatars and very detailed explanations from your students.

    Mrs. Rombach from Virginia

  3. Mrs. Caudill (Post author)

    Thank you, Hannah! I’m so glad you are doing the challenge, as well! Our participants are my Advanced Language Arts students. If you’d like to link to your blog, we’d be happy to visit and leave a comment.

  4. Mrs. Caudill (Post author)

    Hello Mrs. Rombach!
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! I love to use Padlet as a way to compile all of my students’ work into one display to showcase. There is a free version and a pro version. I do have the pro version, as it gives me unlimited “walls” to use.

    I teach 7th grade Language Arts at our school. My Advanced Language Arts class is participating in the challenge with their own blogs. I hope to showcase the work of my other students on my blog, as well.

    I just took a peak at your blog. I’m so glad that your school raises awareness for Breast Cancer. It’s such a devastating diagnosis. I hope you are enjoying your day off today. We do not have Columbus Day off, as we are out of school Wednesday – Friday of this week due to the Circleville Pumpkin Show. It’s big thing in our area. You should check out their webpage. I’m sure I’ll have students writing about it, so please check back again!

    Mrs. Caudill

  5. Mr Flint

    Hi Mrs Caudill and your fantastic class – I’ve been sent here by the Edublogs Challenge! I’m a teacher at a school in Hertfordshire, UK, which is around 20 miles outside Central London.
    I love your blog post! I need to get myself onto Cartoonify as you can see my avatar is pretty lame compared to yours! My students would love it. I’m really impressed with all of your descriptive writing about yourselves too – some great reasoning for why you chose the avatars that you did.
    You are welcome to take a look at our schools blog at http://www.littlegreen.herts.sch.uk – but I haven’t set up anything up specifically for the challenge. Hopefully when I come back to you in wk2, i’ll have something set up and maybe you can write back!
    Enjoy the rest of your week
    Nick Flint

  6. Mrs. Caudill (Post author)

    Hello, Mr. Flint!
    Thank you for visiting our blog! It’s so exciting to have visitors from “across the pond”! I visiting your schools blog. I think it’s a great idea that you are teaching students about safe blogging and digital footprints. Providing a real-world post and allowing students to practice appropriate ways to respond is a wonderful idea! That is a skill that students (and many adults) need to learn in this digital age.

    I do have a question that I’ve always wondered about and maybe you could clear this up for me… In the States, we progress through school as grade levels (1st grade, 2nd grade, and so on). I’ve noticed on blogs from the UK and Australia that things are designated as “years” (like Year 5, Year 6). I’ve always assumed this was similar to our “grades”. Is that correct?

    I’m looking forward to following your schools blog throughout the Challenge. I hope you have time to visit our blog again and maybe check out some of my students’ blogs, as well.

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Caudill

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