January 29

Clubs – Scotty

Here at McDowell middle school we have many clubs. Any student from McDowell has to join a club of their choice and participate in them every month. There is a large variety of clubs to choose from all fitting in different categories.

The list of the clubs we have and what they are is here:

  • Agriculture, a club dedicated towards farming and the science of farming.
  • Art, a club dedicated to drawing, painting, and sculpting, this may include information on said subjects.
  • Board games, a club for playing all types of board games and having a good time. Book club, a club aimed toward reading books and sharing your book with other members.
  • Community service, a club dedicated to helping the community they can have many tasks to complete and they all go to a good cause.
  • Creative writing, in this club you would write a series literative writings and share with each other. Dance/music/singing club, this is all about fun, whether that would be dancing, singing, or listening to music.
  • Debate cub, in this club you will research and learn about controversial topics then argue your point about them.
  • Design/engineering club, if you were in this club you would learn and create new ideas about engineering. Home ec, in this club you will learn about multiple household tasks such as sewing, knitting, and many other tasks.
  • Improv/drama, here you learn about and do plays this is a club where everyone will have a part. Intramural sports, to join this club you cannot be playing a current sport such as basketball, wrestling, etc. This club is about multiple sports that you will learn how to play with each other.
  • Junior naturalists, this club is focused mainly on nature and exploring and learning about local or faraway wildlife.
  • Kindness club, this club is all about being nice to others and helping each other out, this can be toward a large series of students that need to be helped.
  • Personal fitness, this club is all about keeping yourself in shape, here you will do many physical activities such as jogging.
  • Relaxation club, this club is the opposite of personal fitness club, here you can lie down, relax, and have a good time.
  • Spanish club, here you will learn about the Spanish language, this can help prepare you for future Spanish classes in highschool, and maybe college.
  • Technology club, in this club you will be learning about the wonders of technology, whether it would be learning code such as Javascript, C, or Python, you will be shown how modern day items work like TVs or PCs.
  • Last but not least, yearbook club, in this club you will collect information and achievements from students and staff at McDowell, and make this year’s yearbook.

Those were the many clubs of McDowell, us students here would be glad to infrom you more about our clubs so if you have a question about our clubs, ask one of our students! I hope you learned something about McDowell and have a great day!


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