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Julia-Techy chapter 1

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This is a original chapter that I made for a book series that I am working on called Techy. Techy is a book series about a 19 year old who works at a cafe. The 19 year olds name is Roco. Roco really hates his job But he cant quit his job because he does not have a lot of money and he lives on his won. Roco really wants to go to college but he cant at the slow rate hes making money. But then one miserable day Roco gets the opportunity of a life time.

Have you ever watched a “HALLMARK” movie? You know one of the ones at Christmas time where there’s a nice calm little town. The little town has a nice bakery or something like that. That cute little bakery is never packed and it’s always so calm and quiet!


“Please calm down!” I said “You will get your drink soon, I promise!” This is the reality of my small towns “nice” cafe. Since there’s no other cafe/bakery’s our place is always busy. A ton of customers were yelling at me at the same time for their drink.“Hey!” I yelled at our baristas whatever that means. “Does someone want to work the register? All these Karen’s are going to LITERALLY kill me!” “NO!” All the baristas yelled at the same time.


“ I don’t see what you think is so special about that curly haired kid.” Said my assistant. “He’s special, you’ll see” I said. I closed my laptop and stood up. I took one last glance at the curly haired kid. “We really need him you’ll see.” I said quietly. 


Man being a barista is so hard! My best friend really has it easy! All he has to do its work the register and take orders. Well at least my shift is FINALLY over. I am exhausted. I went into the break room to grab my keys from my locker. 

But then I saw something on the floor. Oh no what is it? A crocodile, alligator, a HUGE spider? Oh no I hate spiders! They are so creepy with all of their legs and their eyes! What should I do? Should I turn on the light? Do I really want to see what it is?

After much hesitation, I turned on the light! I screamed in terror at what I saw. 


I was lying on the floor when I heard a scream. Oh no there’s probably a spider and it scared Thomas. “DUDE OH NO! PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE NOT DEAD!” Thomas screamed in terror. Thomas rolled me onto my back. 

“Calm down” I said quietly, ” I’m just taking a nap.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m tired I don’t have time for this Thomas. Working the cash register is the WORST,” I said with an annoyed tone. “Sorry you just looked so…..you know …dead!” He said. I jumped up on my feet. “I really need and want to go home. Bye Thomas.” “Bye?” He said questionably. My job can be really weird sometimes. I just wanted to take a nap. 


I heard the keys jingling in the door.”You ready?” I whispered to my assistant. My assistant gave me a big smile. “Yup I hope this “Roco” is ready” he said. 






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