February 6

Art Improvment// How to improve your art!

I’m sure you’ve heard many a time that practicing is the only way to improve. Technically this is true, but some tips and tricks are impossible to ignore. Here is some advice to help you enhance your art and make it pleasant to look at.

One: Things to draw for speedy improvement

Improving can take a very long time depending on what you draw, somethings can help you develop more than others. One of the things I recommend you draw the most are figures! Figures can help you get an ampler understanding of human anatomy and how it works. They help with proportions tremendously and I highly recommend drawings lots of them!


Two: Draw things you don’t like!

This may seem like lousy advice at first, but drawing things you don’t fancy drawing (like hands, eyes, etc) help you improve and maybe grow to enjoy drawing them! I highly suggest drawing hands and lips, hands are a thing many neophyte artists (like myself) struggle with. You want to draw the thing you struggle with multiple times (around twenty times) because then after repeatedly drawing it, you will improve rapidly.  Pinterest is really helpful in locating images to draw and scrutinize. Here are some things you could draw for improvement (if you struggle with drawing these things).


Three: Advanced improvement can take time

Improving your art on a drastic level can take years if you are just drawing the things you want, for example, here’s a sketchbook that I made when I was nine verses one I’ve been working on recently.


Here’s some digital art I made over the summer versus one I made last month.

Animation I made over the summer

user uploaded imageDrawing I made last month

Four: Draw from a different perspective

Drawing from manifold perspectives can improve your shading because the light of the image would be coming from a different source. It can also help you with variation in your art, if you draw from the same viewpoint in each drawing you will never learn how to draw from other perspectives! I suggest a 2PT perspective because it’s easy for novices who are just learning to draw from different outlooks. Here are a few examples from a 2PT perspective.
Image result for 2pt perspectiveImage result for 2pt perspective

30 Day Improvement Challenge!

Now that you have the gist of things you can try some challenges! Challenges can be really good when you’re looking for high-speed development. The 30 Day Improvement Challenge is one of the most ambitious and rewarding challenges out there. I haven’t completed it myself but I’m trying to. This challenge can help you a lot with anatomy and better you as an artist in general.

30 Day Improvement Challenge


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