February 13

Valentine’s Day- Its Meaning, and Its History

So Valentine’s Day. Most of us know what this day/ holiday is, but how many of us know what it is truly about or where it is derived from? Today I’m going to be explaining Valentine’s Day, its history and how it is celebrated here at McDowell.

When most of us think about Valentine’s Day, we tend to think of love, and getting each other gifts and romance and all of that other… stuff. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is named after a person, or why it’s celebrated today? Well today’s blog post will cover all of that.

Starting off, what is the back story behind Valentine’s Day? To start, this holiday originated in a Roman festival, Lupercalia. This festival celebrated the coming of Spring, and held a lottery to pair men and women. Later a pope replaced Lupercalia with the title of St. Valentine’s Day. It later became a day to celebrate love in the 14th century and up. The most popular legend states that this title came from a priest named St. Valentine, whom was a priest that defied the emperor of Rome’s orders and married couples so the husbands could be spared from the war. That is the reason that this day is associated with love.

In McDowell, we celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking a compatibility test, which is a survey that takes your results and tells you your match. We also celebrate by doing a few activities like line graphs and such. We also have the option to buy candy for someone. Apart from the past and modern concept, this is how McDowell celebrates Valentine’s Day.

If you want to find out some more info on Valentine’s Day, then check out the link. Valentine’s Day


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