February 24

Baseball Tryouts

At our school Logan Elm we have baseball tryouts. During baseball tryouts you tryout to make the team like in any sport. Whenever you tryout you normally go to the position that you are best at, so then the coach will see how good you are and pick you. Our 7th grade baseball coach is keeping 12 people on the team. The years before you played for your elementary school team. Logan elm has three elementary schools. Laurelville, Pickaway, and Washington. Whenever you still play for the elementary team there are different levels. The first level would be K-2, the next would be 1-2 , then it would be 3-4, and last but not least 5-6. Therefore those are some of the things about Logan elm.

The last two years for the elementary schools the 5-6 grade Laurelville team has won the championships, but now this year we combine all of the elementary school teams and that’s why the school only keeps 12 so everybody can have playing time. Also the biggest thing about 7th grade is now scouts for college watch to see how good you are. Most of the time people keep stats. My parents this year if I make the team are going to keep stats for me so I can study and see what I need to work on.  Another big thing is you might not make the team for the next year even though you made the team from the previous year. So that is why I recommend taking lessons for whatever sport you play. Like I do for baseball. It doesn’t have to be baseball, it can be basketball, football, soccer or whatever you play. Therefore that is a little about Logan Elm baseball and tryouts. 


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