March 18

Let the Home Learning Begin! (aka School Closure)

On Friday, March 13, Logan Elm Schools began an extended school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  A “state of emergency” has been declared in our state (Ohio) and all schools have been ordered to close.  Since the closure of schools, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, gyms, and many others have been forced to close their doors in order to reduce the spreading of the coronavirus.

In less than a week’s time, our lives have completely changed.  Schools and teachers are preparing for an extended closure, preparing virtual learning lessons and also determining how to meet the many other needs of our students.

There are so many questions that we all have.  And there are no answers at this point, as things seem to be changing on a daily basis.  One thing that I DO know…we will get through this!  As a community, we will rally together to help each other.  We will be there for each other in any way we can.  How do I know this?  Because I know that #McDowellStudentsarethebest  and we are all part of #BraveNation.

I’ve been so encouraged by the work that my students are already doing on their own.  Now, more than ever, is a time for students to take charge of their learning beyond classroom walls.  I just miss their faces tremendously, so I’m extremely grateful for the technology that we have that allows us to stay connected through these unprecedented events.

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1 thoughts on “Let the Home Learning Begin! (aka School Closure)

  1. aliviale2025

    I can comepletely relate to you on COVID-19. It just seems to pretty much change every day. But, once again agreeing with you, we will get through this! A year from now we’ll all look back on this and think: “Wow, I can’t even believe that happened…”. I hope that you are having a great evening!

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