September 17

💭💻Blogging Experience & Pointers!!💻💭

Hello Bloggers!

If you didn’t know already, my name is Alivia. I have participated in the Student Blogging Challenge twice, with one of my posts being featured the second time. The Student Blogging Challenge is a friendly competition where you have your own blog and create posts that collide with the prompt along with the week’s topic. In this post, I am going to be sharing my past experience and some pointers for you to look out for when competing.

Blogging Experience

During my first year of competing in the Student Blogging Challenge, I honestly wasn’t very into it. Back then, I was not as passionate about writing as I am now. But, I participated and I followed every prompt and topic. It wasn’t until my second time participating where I strived to be featured on their site.

When my second time taking part in the challenge took place, all I wanted was to get featured on the Student Blogging Challenge site. And I did, eventually. But before that, there were some really fun posts where I was able to put my hardest work into. Like the emoji week, Earth Day week, and the Schools Around the World week.

The topic of the week when I got featured was Catch Up or Free Choice. For that prompt, I created a post about my dog – who is now six – Nikki. I wrote about when I got her or when her birthday is or and this one absolutely amazing trick she can do. This was, that she was able to climb up the ladder of my treehouse (It’s not actually a treehouse, it’s on the ground but that’s not important. I just wanted to clarify that because I am politically correct😊) and go down the slide. In that post, I incorporated a video of her doing that, which led me to be featured on the STUBC site.

Blogging Pointers

I briefly mentioned earlier about giving some pointers about the challenge and blogging itself. This could be anywhere from punctuation to the material used in a post. In this section, I will be giving some tips on how you can get featured on the Student Blogging Challenge site. These are pointers I think will benefit when you enter the challenge.

Grammar is Key

When writing a post to submit to the challenge, proofread every single word. You want to sound like you know what you’re doing. If it sounds choppy or unprofessional, revise it. Or, you can use grammar-checking software like Grammarly. I, personally, use Grammarly for everything in writing. I think it definitely helps a lot.

Stay On-Topic

Let’s say you’re writing a topic on plastic pollution for the Earth Day prompt. You have two paragraphs already, written about how it’s important and to recycle. But then, you start writing about climate change and how it affects the Earth. Don’t do that. You want to stay on-topic at ALL times.


One way to get featured is by showing off your amazing techy skills. You can do something completely crazy like make a coded game on a coding site and incorporate the game in your post. Or, you could do what I did, which was add a video. But, you can do whatever you want if you’re techy like that.

I hope this post gave you some idea of my experience the two times I’ve competed in the challenge and that it gave you some tips beforehand. Everyone, have a GREAT challenge this year! Remember to wash your hands! Have a great day!


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