January 24


Here at McDowell , the 7th and 8th grade cheer squad is like a family.  Making memories during team meal, choking on croutons while laughing at each others jokes and funny comments.  We’re always there for each other, putting in each others bows (it’s a very difficult art to master), and asking “First or second button?” when helping each other button our skirts (also difficult)

Cheerleading is tons of fun but it’s also a lot of hard work. We work hard at practices, learning new cheers and perfecting our stunts.  Stunting is one of our favorite and most difficult things we do, and we have to make sure we do it right or else we could drop our flyer (the person that is help up in the air) which could result in serious injury of the flyer or the bases, backspots, or frontspots (the people that hold her in the air).  All of the struggle is made up for by all of the fun we have cheering at the basketball games, and on the joyful bus rides back to the school after each away game.

Our squad is definitely not perfect, we mess up and have conflicts, but we always work it out.  We have so much fun together we are more like sisters than friends.

November 26

Featured Student Blogs

We recently completed Week 7 of the Student Blogging Challenge and my students wrote about a favorite holiday or the holidays that they celebrate throughout the year.  These students did an exceptional job on their post:

Lindsay’s Lounge

Abigail’s Questionable Statements

Brett’s Breathtaking Blog

Ella’s Site

Maggie’ s Spectacular Site

I encourage you to check out their Week 7 posts and leave a comment for them.

November 22

Our Holidays and Celebrations

For the Week 7 Blogging Challenge, I asked my students to complete Task #1, to describe a favorite family holiday or celebration.   Since we live in the United States (Ohio), we realize that there may be some things that we celebrate with our families that are not celebrated in other areas of the world, or others may celebrate the same holiday, but in a different manner.  To help our visitors to understand how they celebrate with their families, I asked my students to share their favorite on a Flipgrid video.

We would love to hear about YOUR favorite holiday and how you celebrate with your family. You can leave a note in the comments, or if you’d like, you can create a short video on the Flipgrid.

November 15

Fun with Emojis-Week 6 Challenge

For this week’s challenge, I gave my students the choice of which task they would like to complete with Emojis.  They seemed to enjoy this week’s challenge quite a bit!  All did a great job, but here are a few I chose to feature:

Feel free to see what they created with Emojis this week!

November 4

Rock, Paper, Scissors Fun!

On Friday, Nov. 1st, McDowell Student Council held our very first Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament!  The tournament was held in order to raise money to donate for our local veterans in need.  Students paid $1 to enter the tournament and could pay an additional $1 to get a “2nd chance” to stay in the tournament.  We had 82 students participating in the event and the other 7th and 8th graders were cheering them on!

We have collected $160 so far to donate to veterans and will be continuing to collect donations throughout the week.

The winners, Lance and Delsin, received gift cards, shirts and candy.

November 1

Student Blog Showcase

We just finished Week 4 of the Student Blogging Challenge.  This week was a Free Choice week and students were able to create a blog post on a topic of their choice.  For my Free Choice, I decided to feature some of the great work my students have been doing on their blogs.  I asked my students to suggest a few of their classmates’ blog posts to showcase, and here are their suggestions:

Gena has written a nice post suggesting things to do in New York City.  Blaine had fun with creating a snowman image for the Week 3 Challenge.  Evey argues why Minecraft and Fortnite should not be compared.  Maddox tells about his favorite sport and Ella offers some great book suggestions.

Visit their blogs and leave them a comment!

October 25

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament!

Veterans Day is coming soon, and that means it’s time for McDowell students and staff to once again show our support to our local veterans in need. In the last few years, McDowell has been very successful in collecting canned food items to donate. This year, instead of collecting food, we would like to raise money to donate to the Military Veterans Resource Center.  We have set a goal to raise $800 to donate. The Military Veterans Resource Center will then use that money to purchase food for veterans.

In order to help with our fundraising efforts, McDowell Student Council will be hosting a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament for McDowell Students next Friday, Nov. 1.  To encourage participation from ALL students, the entry fee to join the tournament will be just $1! You may also pay an additional $1 to go to the Loser’s round of the tournament in order to stay in the tournament.  Students must preregister for the tournament during lunch on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of next week.age

Image created with Canva.

October 11

Meet our Blogging Challenge Participants!

Greetings from Ohio! Once again, I have entered my class blog in the Student Blogging Challenge. I am excited to connect with other classrooms from around the world. This year, my Advanced Language Arts students are also participating in the Challenge with their Google Sites. We created a Padlet wall to introduce those students to the world. You can find a link to their Google Site in the Blogroll. We invite you to visit and drop a comment!

Made with Padlet
October 9

It’s beginning to look like… FALL!

It’s beginning to look, smell, sound, taste and feel like FALL in Ohio.  Also known as autumn, this season is a particular favorite in our area.  Inspired by Kasey Bell’s magnetic poetry idea, I asked my students  to create a poem about fall.  This was a quick activity that we were able to complete on a beautiful fall day and they will look great on display in our building!

Do you see a favorite poem? Drop a comment and let us know!