December 8

Blogging Students…

Several students have been busy working on their blogs outside of the the classroom!  Please be sure to check out these “Gold Star” blogs!

Chelsey and Kendall have written about some good books that they have been reading.  Megan has been sharing poetry on her blog and Abby and her family are preparing for their busy Christmas on the tree farm!  Want to know about the world of sports?  Then be sure to check out Drake’s blog-he will keep you up to date!  Lauren has also been busy getting her blog caught up and has written some excellent posts on her blog. Brant has written a nice post about snow (although I really don’t want to hear that word yet! :)) and has several science -related ideas for posts for his blog!

When you check out their blogs, be sure to leave a comment!


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April 20

Sshh. . .Testing in Progress!

Today the students began their fifth grade Achievement tests.  They took the Reading portion of the test this morning.  I am so proud of their efforts!  They took their time and worked very hard on their test.  I am certain that they can go home and say, “I did my best”.  That is all we ask of them and they certainly did.  The next test is the Math test on Wednesday.  I hope they give each of their tests the same effort. 😉

I’d like to welcome Tyler Stout to Laurelville!  Tyler is a new fifth grade student in my homeroom.  Today was his first day (what fun, your first day at a new school and you get to take a test all morning!).  I’m sure he will get settled in quickly with the help of his classmates.  Welcome to our school, Tyler.  I hope you and your family enjoy the Laurelville community.  I personally think you will love it here!

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