March 5

New World Record Set!

Congratulations to all of my fifth grade students.  Your efforts during the World Maths Day event helped to break last year’s record!  The new record set was 479,732,613 correct answers in a 48 hour time period!  You competed with 1,133,246 students in 235 countries around the world to help break last year’s record!  Laurelville fifth graders correctly answered a total of 34,955 questions during the event.  WAY TO GO! 8)

The top 10 students from Laurelville were:
1.  Tyler Hart
2.  Sara Arnett
3.  Mark Stevens
4.  Jessica Willard
5.  Seth Vandagriff
6.  Rhianna Lucas
7.  Jared Bowe
8.  Ridge Young
9.  Sierra Wolfe
10.  Cade Vanfossan
March 2

Who Brought Their “A” Game?

Today in Math class, each student spent the entire math period competing in the World Maths Day Challenge.    By the end of the school day, our fifth grade students had answered 32,928 correct math problems! (only 1,790 short of making the top 50 classes in the world!)  As Dylan Hedges put it, “This is where Math gets serious!”

The top 10 students who answered the most correct problems were:  10)  Micah Hines, 9) Jared Bowe, 8 ) Cade VanFossan, 7) Sierra Wolfe, 6) Ridge Young, 5)  Rhianna Lucas, 4) Seth Vandagriff, 3) Mark Stevens, 2) Jessica Willard, and #1)  Tyler Hart (answered 1613 questions in 90 minutes) !  Way to do some quick math today! 8)

October 2

Fun Fact Friday

Today was designated as “Fun Fact Friday”.  After talking to the students some more about World Maths Day (and my goal for this year’s challenge), the students spent their math time practicing their math facts.  Some chose to practice on Tutpup, some on the IXL site, and others on multiplication games that are on this blog.

We also had a little excitement this afternoon when the fire department was called due to a light fixture in the 3rd grade catching on fire.  Wow.  We had to spend a little bit of time in the gym building, but thankfully it was nothing major and we were able to return to our classrooms.

September 2

Into the Groove!

Well, we have been back to school for a week now and the fifth graders are really getting into the groove of things on the top floor!  We have continued working on routines and expectations and this week we have been working on our math class routine.

On Monday, fifth grade students registered for an account on tutpup.  On this web site, they can practice basic math skills by competing with other students in a timed game.  Sometimes that student may be in our classroom, but often it is a student in another country!  They have been very excited about this challenge.  We will be practicing our speed in order to prepare for the World Math Day Challenge!

We also began our unit on Geometry this week.  Our focus this week is on Geometry indicators #2 and #3 (please see my  Math W.A.G. page for details).  We have been working in our Coach books, taking notes, doing some classwork assignments and have worked on the first Study Island assignment for math.

Fifth graders REALLY got into the groove today when we sang and danced in math class!  I was very impressed with all three classes as they learned a song to help them remember the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines! Great job!

March 11

Fractions Can’t Compete

I have discovered that fractions just can’t compete with World Maths Day.  Now that we’ve moved back into a regular math routine again (and adding and subtracting fractions) it’s obvious that fractions just aren’t nearly as exciting to learn (OR to teach)!  I’m glad I have such great students, though. 😉  They are working hard and are beginning to get the hang of finding the LCD, equivalent fractions, and reducing fractions.  What can I say?  Not everything in life is fun, right? Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do.

The students took their 12′ test yesterday.  I am proud to say that there are many students who have mastered all of their facts:  Hannah Caudill, Justin Glasspoole, Jacob Allison, Brandon Cradlebaugh, Hannah Hopkins, Ian Lear, Kaytlynn Banks, Nash Crosby, Eric Deluse, Cierra Drummond, Kaylee McNichols, Justin Payne, Kasi Robinson, and  Heather Rutter.  Congratulations to those students.  As we have been working with fractions, I think students have begun to see how it makes math easier if you know those facts!

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March 9

Final Numbers

World Maths Day 2009 is over.  I am still amazed at how excited the students were over this event (me, too)!  I am already thinking of ways that Laurelville can improve for next year and get in the top 50 next year and stay there!
Clapping Hands
Here is a final list of how the students finished (practice and challenge questions combined):

150+ Club:  Nick Hovatter, Hadley Pritchard, Erica Hart, Destiny Pauley, Alden Wyckoff

600+ Club:  Marissa Hagerty, Clint Ashmore, Kaylee McNichols

1000+ Club:  Josh Johnson, Kaitlyn Cain, Cody Knapp, Karly Hart, Andrew Sowers, Cody Lester, Savannah Martens, Kennedy Fox, Makayla Kitchen, Madison Haupt, Alysha Parker, Jimmy Campbell

2000+ Club:  Cassie Parker, Kate Ricketts, Joey Poling, Destiny Collinsworth, Brandon Cradlebaugh,  Noah Bennington, Micah Linton, Eric Deluse, Nash Crosby, Katie Hartley, Garrett Rosenberger, Cierra Drummond, Hannah Hartzler

3000+ Club:  Darren Schwalbauch, Shawn Winland, Shaylee Payne, Kevin Senters, Tyler Bristol, Kaytlyn Banks, Heather Rutter, Branden McNichols, Kesley Hedges, Nathan Neiberline, Jacob Parker, Kasi Robinson, Bethany Kerens, Bethanie Evans

4000+ Club:  Hannah Hopkins, Dalton Phillips, Ashleigh Martin, Justin Payne

5000+ Club:  Ian Lear

7000+ Club:  Justin Glasspoole, Hannah Caudill

12000+ Club:  Jacob Allison

Well done, everyone!  You have earned your Pizza Party!                      Eating Pizza