March 5

New World Record Set!

Congratulations to all of my fifth grade students.  Your efforts during the World Maths Day event helped to break last year’s record!  The new record set was 479,732,613 correct answers in a 48 hour time period!  You competed with 1,133,246 students in 235 countries around the world to help break last year’s record!  Laurelville fifth graders correctly answered a total of 34,955 questions during the event.  WAY TO GO! 8)

The top 10 students from Laurelville were:
1.  Tyler Hart
2.  Sara Arnett
3.  Mark Stevens
4.  Jessica Willard
5.  Seth Vandagriff
6.  Rhianna Lucas
7.  Jared Bowe
8.  Ridge Young
9.  Sierra Wolfe
10.  Cade Vanfossan
March 5

World Record Broken!

The world record was not only broken, but it was shattered to bits and pieces.  The goal for the World Math Day challenge was 182,445,169 in a 48 hour time period.  The new world record is now 452,681,681!  There also broke a record of 2,001,570 participants in 204 countries around the world.  WOW!  That is a lot of students doing a lot of math!

My students surpassed my expectations.  Laurelville students answered a total of 102,448 questions in those two days.  I never  imagined we would hit a number like that.  FABULOUS JOB, FIFTH GRADE!  I am very proud of you!

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